Jan 23 2015

Gotham 1.11 Rogues’ Gallery Screencaps

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I’ve added caps of Morena Baccarin in the Gotham episode 1.11 Rogues’ Gallery to the gallery.

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Jan 20 2015

Gotham Episode Stills

Added 6 episode stills from Gotham.

thumb_Gotham_Season1_EpisodeStills_1x11_RoguesGallery_0001.jpg thumb_Gotham_Season1_EpisodeStills_1x11_RoguesGallery_0002.jpg thumb_Gotham_Season1_EpisodeStills_1x11_RoguesGallery_0004.jpg thumb_Gotham_Season1_EpisodeStills_1x11_RoguesGallery_0003.jpg thumb_Gotham_Season1_EpisodeStills_1x11_RoguesGallery_0005.jpg thumb_Gotham_Season1_EpisodeStills_1x12_WhatTheLittleBirdToldHim_0001.jpg

Jan 20 2015

Fox All-Star Party Photos

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Morena Baccarin attended the Fox All-Star Party on the 17th. I’ve added 34 HQ photos to the gallery :)

Jan 7 2015

Morena Baccarin on Joining ‘Gotham': It’s a “Different World”

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Actress tells THR that it’s been “a total blast” working on the DC Comics series

The actress — perhaps best known for roles in Firefly and Homeland — debuted on the Fox drama with its first new episode of 2015, “Rogues Gallery,” bringing a sense of self-righteousness and playfulness to the series as Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Coming on the heels of voice-overs for animated series including Justice League and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, it’s far from her first comic book role (“It kind of happened accidentally, believe it or not,” she says of her repeated visits to the DC universe. “It wasn’t on purpose”), but what brought her to Gotham in particular?

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Dec 2 2014

The Red Tent Episode Stills

I’ve added 27 episode stills from The Red Tent.

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Dec 2 2014

The Red Tent Info

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Morena Baccarin’s mini series The Red Tent premiere’s on the 7th and 8th. Below is information about the mini series:

Lifetime’s miniseries “The Red Tent,” based on the best-selling novel by Anita Diamant, premieres December 7 and December 8 at 9/8c. “The Red Tent” is a sweeping tale that takes place during the times of the Old Testament, told through the eyes of Dinah, the daughter of Leah and Jacob. Airing over two nights, the all-star cast includes Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Minnie Driver (“Return to Zero,” “About a Boy”), Emmy nominee Morena Baccarin (“Homeland”), Golden Globe nominee Rebecca Ferguson (“The White Queen”), Iain Glen (“Game of Thrones”), Will Tudor (“Game of Thrones”) and Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Debra Winger (“Terms of Endearment”).

The miniseries begins with Dinah’s (Ferguson) happy childhood spent inside the red tent where the women of her tribe gather and share the traditions and turmoil of ancient womanhood. The film recounts the story of Dinah’s mothers Leah (Driver), Rachel (Baccarin), Zilpah and Bilhah, the four wives of Jacob (Glen). Dinah matures and experiences an intense love that subsequently leads to a devastating loss, and the fate of her family is forever changed. Winger portrays Rebecca, Jacob’s mother while Tudor stars as Joseph, Dinah’s brother.

“The Red Tent” has sold millions of copies worldwide and has been translated in 28 languages. The novel is a New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today and Entertainment Weekly Top Ten Best Seller.

Produced by Sony Pictures Television, “The Red Tent” is executive produced by Paula Weinstein (“Blood Diamond”) and Nancy Bennett. Roger Young (“Law & Order”) directs from a script by Elizabeth Chandler (“The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”) and Anne Meredith (“Secrets of Eden”).

SOURCE: The Red Tent Official Site

Nov 27 2014

‘The Mentalist’ season 7 spoilers: First photo of Morena Baccarin’s return!

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One of the joys for the final season of “The Mentalist” could be seeing the return of many old favorites, and you can already chalk up Morena Baccarin as one of them. It’s been years since Erica Flynn has graced the series, but she may have an important role to play in “Orange Blossom Ice Cream,” the third episode that is going to air come Sunday, December 14.

What is the subject of this story? Ultimately, it is this simple: The “Firefly” alum is bringing back her character as she hopes to get amnesty for her past crimes. What does she have to do in order to earn it? It is as simple (or not so simple) as making sure that she turns her boyfriend over to the authorities when Jane and Lisbon pay her a visit in Beirut.

This is one of the first significant appearances for Baccarin on TV since being written out of “Homeland,” and also since welcoming a child. It’s nice to see her back, and we feel like we will probably be seeing a heck of a lot more of her in the future. She hardly seems like the sort of person who is going to be gone from the medium for a particularly long period of time.

While we’ve said this before, it bears repeating now that we hope that this is only one of many major guest-star turns we have for the final season. If there is not another appearances from Rigsby and Van Pelt before we close the book on the show, it is going to be a letdown. We know we had five seasons and a good chunk of the sixth, but that is still not enough for us!

In the event this is not enough news on “The Mentalist” for you, our simple advice right now is merely to head on over to the link here. Also, you can sign up today to get some other great updates on everything we cover at CarterMatt via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

SOURCE: cartermatt.com

Nov 27 2014

Voice Work – The Flash

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TVLine has confirmed that Morena Baccarin — whose previous voice work includes such DC Comics characters as Dinah Lance (in the animated Justice League series), Talia al Ghul (Son of Batman) and Cheetah (Batman: The Brave and the Bold) — is voicing S.T.A.R. Labs honcho Dr. Harrison Wells’ AI assistant/confidante.

Gideon was first featured in the Nov. 25 episode of the CW freshman, when Dr. Wells reevaluated their plan for test “subject” Barry Allen, as regards his and The Flash’s impact on the events of the year 2024.

Baccarin’s geek-boy bona fides include Firefly, V and Fox’s Gotham (where she soon will debut as DC Comics’ Dr. Leslie Thompkins), while her other TV credits include Homeland, The Mentalist and The Good Wife.

Baccarin next can be seen in Lifetime’s The Red Tent miniseries (airing Dec. 7 and 8) and reprising her role as The Mentalist’s Erica Flynn (on Dec. 14).


Nov 22 2014

6th Annual Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival Opening Night Gala Photos

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I’ve added 16 photos of Morena Baccarin attending the 6th Annual Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival Opening Night Gala yesterday.

http://gallery.morena-baccarin.net/albums/photos/events/2014/6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014/thumb_6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014_0002.jpg http://gallery.morena-baccarin.net/albums/photos/events/2014/6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014/thumb_6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014_0001.jpg http://gallery.morena-baccarin.net/albums/photos/events/2014/6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014/thumb_6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014_0003.jpg http://gallery.morena-baccarin.net/albums/photos/events/2014/6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014/thumb_6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014_0004.jpg http://gallery.morena-baccarin.net/albums/photos/events/2014/6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014/thumb_6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014_0005.jpg http://gallery.morena-baccarin.net/albums/photos/events/2014/6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014/thumb_6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014_0006.jpg http://gallery.morena-baccarin.net/albums/photos/events/2014/6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014/thumb_6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014_0008.jpg http://gallery.morena-baccarin.net/albums/photos/events/2014/6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014/thumb_6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014_0007.jpg http://gallery.morena-baccarin.net/albums/photos/events/2014/6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014/thumb_6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014_0011.jpg http://gallery.morena-baccarin.net/albums/photos/events/2014/6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014/thumb_6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014_0013.jpg http://gallery.morena-baccarin.net/albums/photos/events/2014/6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014/thumb_6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014_0014.jpg http://gallery.morena-baccarin.net/albums/photos/events/2014/6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014/thumb_6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014_0015.jpg http://gallery.morena-baccarin.net/albums/photos/events/2014/6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014/thumb_6thAnnualHollywoodBrazilianFilmFestivalOpeningNightGalaNovember212014_0016.jpg

Oct 18 2014

10th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards Photos

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I’ve added 22 photos of Morena Baccarin attending the 10th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards yesterday:

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